Front Yard Garden Designs

Style your home with Front Yard Garden Designs:

Azhar Al Madina is a landscape company based in Dubai being into front yard garden designs from past one decade and is one of the well known companies that deal in landscaping the front yard gardens designs. The front yard gardens mean to make you closer to the nature. Nature is a gift and sometimes it is difficult to get closer to it due to hectic schedule and lack of time in our daily life but front yard gardens are a unique solution to overcome this problem. You can enjoy being closer to the nature through your front yard gardens.

Gardens are a nature’s gift to the humankind and to make accessorize your home front yard garden designs are the best option for that. The front yard gardens give finesse to your home. The home is where your soul resides and the front yard gardens bring that greenery to your home and to your life. The green patches of grass with flowers blossoming and bringing color to your front yard garden is an exceptional view to watch. You can hear the birds chirping or the ray of sunlight shinning through the dew on the petals of the flowers in your front yard garden.

Front yard gardens are an excellent means to mimic the true colors of nature. You can have lush green grass or the flowers which always wished to have or a swing in your front yard garden or a table set where you can welcome each day while sipping hot coffee. Front yard gardens not only fulfill your desire of being able to feel the nature but also add glamour to your home. First impression is the last impression and this statement holds true as anyone coming to your home views your front yard garden and makes an impression about you and your home so having a front yard garden can make your designing the talk of the town.

How to accessorize the front yard garden?

Having green grass and flowers has now become old school. To add that spark to your front yard garden just be creative and innovative. You can add the following items to your front yard garden to make it more attractive and bring an all new look to your home:

Garden tables and chair : which can either be in steel with a vintage look or go for an ethnic look while using bamboo chairs and tables to enjoy your early morning tea in your front yard garden.

Gazebos: They are one of the most romantic accessories to ornate your front yard garden and make your partner and you feel like you have entered into the Shakespearean era.

Lounging sets: They can be used to make your personal lounge where you can have your dinner parties under the moonlight or those romantic candle lights where you and your partner would be isolated from the worries of the world and in the presence of one another.


  1. Ceramic pots
  2. Garden benches
  3. Hanging plants


Having a front yard garden designs will bring that extra glamour to your home so give this comfort to your home by having a unique.




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