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Indoor Maintenance work, We use the new and modern exciting Seramis Planting System for all Indoor plants to offer greater value and innovation to our valued clients. With most indoor varieties capable of surviving on a low water volume uptake of a cup a week, maintenance is not an issue, enabling the home owner or business to provide either instant foliage color or a simple, healthy flourish to their décor.  The Life Indoors range is chosen for their low need for maintenance, attractive foliage and color, market difference and their ability to survive on little attention.

Not only have indoor plants been proven to relax the mind and increase productivity, they are proven carbon filters, providing a cleaner environment and healthier buildings and workplaces.

With their ability to cleanse our air, the indoor plant is in increased demand in the family home and office, especially when combined with their ability to act as an attractive centrepiece with chosen décor.

Indoor Maintenance work Service :

  1. Indoor Maintenance Service
  2. Houseplant Problems
  3. Houseplant Care and Maintenance
  4. Houseplant Foliar Feeding
  5. Rootings and Cuttings
  6. Repotting Houseplants
  7. Pots and Containers
  8. Houseplant Problems

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