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Landscape Paver DubaiAzhar Al Madina Landscape And Paver Dubai Company's landscape architects are able to create a variety of hardscapes using landscape interlocking pavers. Landscape paver technology has greatly advanced in recent years. Landscape pavers are now available in a variety colors that can resemble natural stones and random cobblestones. An interlocking paver system is comprised of several components. First, is the compact sub-grade, which is simply the existing compacted soil excavated to the appropriate elevation and followed by a layer of geotextile fabric. Second, is the compacted base material, which consists of compacted gravel ranging in a depth of 4 to 12 inches depending on the application. Third, is a layer of bedding sand, which holds the pavers from below. Fourth, are the actual paver. The entire perimeter is then surrounded by an edge restraint and joint sand is swept into the cracks. The entire area is compacted again to produce a hardscape that is far more durable than any asphalt, concrete or mortared stone hardscape. Landscape pavers are a great choice for a hardscape material for a number of reasons. Landscape pavers are designed to be a fluid hardscape system. Landscape pavers are extremely durable and able to disperse weight better than concrete or mortared stone. So under extreme weight a landscape paver will distribute the weight to its gravel base rather than crack. If a paver does crack or is damaged, only the single paver must be replaces as opposed to the entire hardscape. In situations where tree roots and soil shifting would crack conventional concrete or mortared stone work, landscape pavers will simply move with the soil. It is also easier to repair this damage than with concrete or mortared stone. Instead of replacing the entire cracked area, landscape pavers are removed, the damaged base is adjusted and the pavers are then placed back onto the repaired base. 

Using the expertise and individual talents of our people, we are also able to offer in addition to our Landscape Paver Design  service that includes, irrigation, Indoor and Outdoor Plantation - Maintenance, Interlock, Tile works, Stand Stone Wood works, Gazebo, Pergola and all kinds of garden maintenance. We build relationships based on our performance and our clients trust in us. Our diverse and experienced staff allows us to provide innovative solutions to unique problems in the Landscape Paver Design

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