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Azhar Al Madina Landscaping Architects Dubai most comprehensive landscaping architectural designs to enable the clients to take full benefit of some of our most splendid design abilities and architectural techniques all under one roof. Landscaping Architects works on the most complex architectural aspects which requires every design to be conceived and developed with 3D imaging to be fully realized to be the most inherent design potential in a building. We at Azhar Al Madina Landscaping Company offer professional garden architectural design services by Landscaping Architects and Garden Architectural Design Consultants to meet the construction related demands of our clients from commercial, residential and industrial segments. These professional Architects gives due importance to both functionality & the building form to achieve the much needed peace & harmony between the people of the society and the environment. Some of the most detailed and the most important aspects of the Landscaping Architects roles are :

  1. Preliminary drawings  new landscaping project
  2. Structural Feasibility study
  3. Site Analysis
  4. 3-dimensional imaging
  5. Detailed drawing to enable construction
  6. Post construction-development


Preliminary drawings  new landscaping project
Structural Feasibility study
Site Analysis
3-dimensional imaging
Detailed drawing to enable construction
Post construction-development


The main concept of an architectural designs are to offer the services as per latest technology. This seems lot easier to view these beautiful landscapes of the city as people considers it to be natural phenomenon. But that’s not just the case as Landscapes are both natural & man made. To develop and work on the beauty of these landscapes Architectural work requires working on the Landscaping aspect. For such Architectural work, professional Garden Architectural Design needs to be implemented.

We have Landscaping Architect expert team in the field of landscape architecture and a professional individual or team of experts who renders their knowledge of architectural designs to form the state of the art landscaping in Dubai. The practice of Landscaping Architecture includes: site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, grading, storm water management, sustainable design, and construction specification and ensuring that all plans meet the current building codes and local and federal ordinances. We designs and manages the implication of the design. These landscaping Architects have a clear vision to make the clients and customers always happy and satisfy their landscaping needs and requirements to achieve the best results. Azhar Al Madina aspires to offer high quality services to meet the demand of all types of clients. To have the whole experience of landscaping look natural by being mindful of our overall responsibilities. Azhar Al Madina is a productivity oriented firm with a maximum long term returns and excellent client satisfaction on works done by Landscaping Architects as we employ highly qualified and dexterous professionals which help us in offering precise business Landscaping Architectural designs and Gardening solutions to our clients. Azhar Al Madina is adept with the latest advancements and specific industry requirements by leveraging their overall experience and skills in the industry.

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