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Azhar Al Madina Landscape Dubai is a leading Landscape Architects in Dubai,Landscape, Landscaping, Gardening Company has been maintaining its commitment towards quality, value for money, loyalty, customer delight and outstanding services. Landscaping plays a huge prominent role in Dubai and also all over in UAE. When you consider the lavish lifestyle of Dubai and the ever so tall sky scrapers. Landscapes of Dubai have also taken the beauty of Dubai city in to new heights.  With lush green grass and gardening, you can find in just about everywhere on the main streets or corniches .

This seems lot easier to view these beautiful landscapes of the city as people considers it to be natural phenomenon. But that’s not just the case as Landscapes are both natural & man made. To develop and work on the beauty of these landscapes. Architectural work requires working on the Landscaping aspect. For such Architectural work, professional Architectural Design needs to be implemented.


Landscaping is so huge in Dubai & the business of Landscaping has risen up since Dubai is very renowned for its Infrastructure, Tourism and Landscaping apart from many more. There are many Landscaping Architect Designing Companies in Dubai.

Some of the most prominent business clients fall in three categories.

  1. Tourism & Leisure
  2. Commercial & Retail
  3. Residential Estates

Tourism & Leisure: The most reputed business clients who require the Landscaping Architect Designing services are the 5 Star – 7 Star Hotels. As Hotel industry is such where they give preferences to swimming pools and leisure areas like lounge, so the creativity aspect of a Landscaping Architect Designer comes to the core. Since Tourism & Leisure is a vital & essential element in Dubai’s success as the most happening city of the world.

Commercial & Retail: Dubai is one city in all over UAE where it has many Free Zones and major Business Hubs like Dubai International  Financial Center , Business Bay , Dubai Internet City & Jumeirah Lake Towers to name a few. All these Business Hubs have worked on their Landscaping aspects to make the whole place look good in terms of the most creative way of running your business.

Residential Estates: Dubai is renowned for its rich cosmopolitan lifestyle and urban living with expats coves the majority of the population. In Dubai, you will come across the most luxurious residential buildings that add up with the most amazing views of sunsets and sea shores which just add to the work of Landscaping and gives a new dimension to Landscaping Architect Designing. 

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