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Azhar Al Madina Landscape Company in Dubai. We into Lawn Gardening from past one decade wish to beautify your home or office as well as your lawn garden that it enhances not only the beauty and happiness of you but also of your guests and neighbors.

The lawn gardening of your lawn is the welcome mat to your home. So it has to be beautiful and appealing. As we all know, the first impression is the last impression, so howsoever be the interior of your home if the lawn gardening design is not paid much heed or is left messy it really leaves a bad image of you.

So instead of rendering it as an area full of native grasses reflecting low maintenance or as an intensive lawn gardening  designs with bright pops of colored edible vegetation, why not make it special and worth a praise? So we might help you with an organized lawn gardening. With your concept and our design, you can actually make use of the front lawn which stayed neglected since long time that too in a tailor-made way. Lawn gardening is very simple and we work to provide you an elaborate version of it, as you desire. And all you have to do is tell us your fantasies about it and leave your worries to us.

Few examples to let you know how we go about it:


Add the beauty of plants: Add a garden, or beautiful plants, edible vegetable plants, and thus, greenery in your lawn gardening. So we try to co ordinate the shrubs with the fruits and berries, and trees with flowers, to add a tinge of beauty along with fresh air to breathe.


Adding fountains: Who doesnt love the soothing sound of falling water? If you are a waterfall lover, we can bring it in your lawn gardening through our water lagoon design. So, you can get your share of peace of mind.


Swimming pool to the lawn gardening: Everyone wants a personal pool at home, so that you dont have to step out in scorching heat of Dubai for a relaxing swimming? But we make it possible by accommodating a swimming pool in your lawn gardening very beautifully. You can flaunt you appealing front lawn along with getting your desire fulfilled of having a swimming pool at home.


Lightening up your lawn gardening: Everybody loves Christmas because of the different colored lightening in and around markets and home, so why not have such a lawn gardening, to add happiness and glory? We make this possible through our experienced skills in enhancing the beauty of you lawns through lawn gardening which everyone will love especially the kids as they can get more time to play in the front lawn even after sunset.


Bricks and stone pavements: This will add an extra organization to the pathways and parking place in front yard of your home and office.

Though these are only few ways we achieve the lawn gardening, but as it more customized, we keep adding more lawn garden design to have a customer satisfaction.

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