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Azhar Al Madina, a reputed landscape and swimming pool designs in Dubai, can make your dream of having a swimming pool built within the vicinity of your home into a reality. The company has an excellent team of expert designers and architects who provide exceptional services in terms of new swimming pool designs, construction and maintenance of swimming pools. 

The United Arab Emirates is known for extreme heat waves and uncomfortably dry climate most of the time. While air conditioners bring cooling relief indoors, people are always on the lookout for a cooling option outside. This is where a private swimming pool acts as a blessing. A swim is not only cooling but is also a fun and perhaps the best form of exercise. Swimming not only helps one keep fit and healthy, it is also a wonderful way of spending time together with family and friends. One needs to hire a good and genuine swimming pool construction company to get the best services, affordable and reasonable deals and avail new swimming pool designs and features.  


It is always advisable to gather as much knowledge about as possible about swimming pool building methodology, estimated costing, machinery and latest technology, new swimming pool design and other recent trends by the customer beforehand. This helps in better communication with the swimming pool builder. 


Types of swimming pool designs 


The tastes and preferences of the people have changed with the changing time. Today customers are no longer satisfied with just the standard rectangular shaped swimming pool. The demands of the people have resulted in various new swimming pool designs. Some commonly found new swimming pool designs nowadays include shapes like, 


  1. Oval 

  2. Custom 

  3. Grecian 

  4. Round 

  5. Roman 

  6. L-shaped 

  7. Kidney 

  8. Lazy-L 

  9. Figure 8 


However it is important to keep in mind about the space available in the terrace top or backyard of your home. You may desire for an L-shaped swimming pool. But if you do not have the required space for such, you need to consider a new swimming pool design that can be allocated within the available space in the area of your home. 

Many people often wish to change their existing swimming pool design or look. In such cases, one may choose to break and re-construct the pool giving it a new swimming pool design. This however is a laborious and expensive process. For a less pricey deal, one can choose to install new features like fountains, water enhancements, colored lighting and water slides. One can create a new swimming pool design by constructing a kids or children’s swimming pool along with the existing swimming pool. Other new features that can be installed include hot tubs and spa, fire pits, caves and outdoor pool side bar and kitchen. All these not only give a new look to the swimming pool but it also increases the fun quotient of the pool and creates a new swimming pool design for home.  

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