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We at Azhar Al Madina help make your dream of having a swimming pool for home at the vicinity of your house into a reality. Azhar Al Madina is a reputed landscape and swimming pools company in Dubai that deals with the designing, construction and maintenance of landscape, gardens and swimming pools. The company has been on the job of building swimming pool for homes for over a decade in all across the United Arab Emirates. Popular clients of the company are in the cities of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

 In our current hectic life, every individual is always on the search of a way of relaxation and rest. Nothing can beat a cooling and refreshing swim in your own private swimming pool. It is a dream for most people to have a swimming pool for home.


 Swimming is one the finest forms of exercise that helps a person be fit and healthy. It increases the stamina and improves appetite and digestion ability of a person. Regular swimming also helps one maintain accurate body weight and keeps excess body fat away. Though most people agree and understand all such, it often becomes quite cumbersome and tiring for them to join a club or go down to a swimming pool at a faraway location after a day of hard work. However, if one has the required space, having a private swimming pool in the terrace or backyard is the ideal option. It is sheer luxury for a person to take a quick dip in the serenity and solace of their swimming pool at home. An individual can swim anytime he or she wishes to. A swimming pool at home gives the entire family an opportunity to swim, unwind and spend quality time together.

As a reputed swimming pool company, Azhar Al Madina has been building swimming pools for homes of several clients. There are several kinds of swimming pools for home. These include,


  1. Private swimming pools
  2. Children or kids swimming pool
  3. Exercise swimming pool
  4. Hot tubs
  5. Spa pools



One may choose the kind that best serves their purpose and requirement.


Having a swimming pool at home is easier said than done. Though most people would love to have a swimming pool of their own, they often back out of the idea of getting one constructed because of the tedious task of construction and the noise and mess it leads to during and after the work. Azhar Al Madina is an established Swimming pool construction company that takes care of all aspects of swimming pool designing, construction and maintenance.


Building a swimming pool for home involves major tasks like,

  1. Consultants from the construction company visit the location and have an idea of the space allocated.
  2. The draft design is planned as per the space and other specifications available on site.
  3. Licensed electricians and plumbers of the company check factors like drainage, mechanical lines, service panel and other details.
  4. Gas, electrical and plumbing work is completed.
  5. The swimming pool deck is constructed.
  6. Pool instruments like heater filter system, time clock, pipes and automatic cleaner are installed.
  7. Plastering of the pool walls is done and the wall and floor tiles are fitted.
  8. Once all the construction is done, the swimming pool is filled with water up till the required mark.
  9. All mechanical instruments of the pool are started and operation of the pool begins.
  10. Once tested and approved by the company, the swimming pool for home is ready to be used.

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